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Google’s Big Change Will Affect Your Website’s SEO


This week Google is kicking off a new algorithm (the way their search engine ranks websites). This algorithm will negatively affect those websites that are not mobile-friendly. Fortunately, we have our website clients covered with mobile-friendly websites so no worries there. But what if someone else developed your website, how do you know if you will be affected by this change?  Google has a tool available at https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/that will show you if your website is compliant with their new changes.  If it is not, Google lists the things you need to change to fit their “mobile-friendly” requirements. 

Why does my website have to be mobile-friendly? Well, if it is not your rankings will suffer. Effective Tuesday, April 21, 2015 websites that do not meet Google’s mobile-friendly policy will begin to see a drop in website visitors. Of course this does not mean that if your site is not compliant that it will forever be doomed to suffer.  Your site will bounce back but only after it has had the necessary changes made.

Why the sudden change? According to Google’s research, 60% of traffic now comes from mobile devices. So, this is Google’s plan to make sure that mobile web surfers are getting a better experience and better content.

What do I do? If your website passes Google’s mobile-friendly test, relax, you don’t have to change a thing. If it does not, then you will need to contact your website developer asap.  If the person or company who created your website is unable to help Dotson Design Studio would be glad to aid you in getting your website up to speed. 




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Hi!  I am Lynette Dotson, the owner of Dotson Design Studio.  I have over a decade of experience in the advertising and marketing industry. I won my first award for website design and development in High School and that is where it all began.

I got my first job as a graphic designer for a local paper in 2002.  After five years, I decided to resign so I could focus more of my time on my family.  I still worked on various design jobs from home, but my career took more of a back seat.

Then, in 2009 I started Dotson Design Studio with the main project being YOUnique Magazine, a monthly magazine which focused on the positive things youth and families were doing in Coshocton County.  After the 6th issue, I made the decision to put the magazine on hold and switch my focus to providing marketing materials, both print and digital, to small businesses.  

Besides operating DDS, I am also a full-time mom to Katelyn (10) and Logan (9) who sometimes tag along on business outings and very much enjoy being a part of the Dotson Design team with me.